Medicare Insurance San Diego

Medicare Insurance In San Diego

Confused by TV commercials and mail solicitations? You should be, every company is essentially saying they’re the “best” for you. It isn’t so simple. Just look at all the information on and try to figure it out…it’s overwhelming!

My name is Peter Palmiotto, and I’m a licensed Medicare insurance broker specializing in San Diego. I was born and raised in San Diego, and live here with my family.  Medicare is all I do, and San Diego Medicare Plans are my specialty.

Selecting the right plan isn’t done over the phone, or with some mailer, it’s typically done by looking at all your choices, then selecting the perfect plan for you. Unfortunately, it’s hard to gather all this information and formulate an “apples to apples” comparison.  Well now you can.

You see, as a broker, I have access to all the Medicare Advantage Plans in the county (other than Kaiser). I utilize over 10 different companies for Medicare Supplement plans, and can search and analyse all 32 Medicare Prescription Drug plans in the state, all while sitting at your kitchen table, for FREE!

Free? Yup, my compensation comes from the insurance companies, not my clients.  I offer:

  • NO Broker Fees
  • FREE house calls
  • FREE Part D analysis to ensure you have the lowest rates
  • YEAR ROUND help, I’ll advocate for you
  • UNBIASED help – it doesn’t matter to me which plan you choose

If you want a free Medicare Analysis, simply give me a call at 888-939-7383 and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

For even more information, get my FREE report here: