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Independent Licensed Broker Covers All Of San Diego County Medicare Insurance Plans. From Supplements To Advantage And Drug Plans – My Help Is Always Free

Medicare Insurance In San Diego can be confusing. With all the mailers, TV ads and friends bombarding you with information. Confusion quickly leads to frustration.  By using a Licensed Medicare Insurance Broker, all your confusion will stop and you’ll have a fair and unbiased broker on your side.

My name is Peter Palmiotto, I’m independent, which means I work for you and not the insurance companies. I’m a broker, which means I have access to virtually every major Medicare insurance plan in San Diego.  Since I work for you, we have the same goal in mind, find you the right Medicare insurance plan with the most benefits at the best price possible.

Since I’m compensated to help you from the insurance carriers, there’s never any cost for my help. In fact, my compensation if fixed by law, so I have no incentive to steer you towards one plan or the next. To me, it doesn’t matter which plan you pick, because they all pay me the same rate.  To see some of my Medicare insurance San Diego plans, click here.

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Confused By Your Medicare Choices Yet?

Don’t be, call me for a free consultation, I have a 10 minute presentation that will simplify Medicare so a 3rd grader can understand it. You’ll know more than 99% of the people out there, and it will be clear and concise, I promise.

You’ll be able to make an informed decision and view ALL your options, not just a few of them. Call me today to book an appointment or just to ask a few questions: 888-939-7383. You’ll be glad you did.

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Coming off of Obamacare or a work-place insurance plan and into Medicare can be really confusing, after all, Medicare insurance is in a world all it’s own.  Medicare has different enrollment rules, different types of plan structures and rarely follows any of the traditional ways of “insurance” for those under 65.

San Diego Medicare insurance plans offer a variety of options, such as Supplement Plans (aka “gap insurance”), Prescription drug plans and Medicare Advantage Plans. But with so many options in San Diego County, what do you pick and where do you start?

I’ve made this process very easy with my free Ultimate Medicare Turning 65 Guide that will walk you through all the vital dates and deadlines you simply cannot afford to miss.  Ultimate-Medicare-Turning-65-Guide

While my free guide will help you get a better picture of your options, you may still want to connect with me so I can give you an apples-to-apples comparison. 75% of the people I meet with have little or no Medicare knowledge, which is fine – it keeps me busy.  The remaining 25% normally have misinformation or bits and pieces of the entire picture.  If you know right off the bat what all the differences are between a Plan C and a Part C, then you’re way ahead of the curve!


Look, I’d love your business, after all, this is how I feed my family, but if you don’t call me, at least call another BROKER.  There’s a major difference in our industry between a broker and an agent and here’s just few of the perks of working with a broker over an agent:

  • Brokers don’t work for any specific insurance carrier, we work for you
  • Brokers must take additional training, classes and testing for each and every insurance carrier they represent
  • A Broker’s goal is to find the right mix of plans to fit your lifestyle, selecting from a large pool of choices, rather than just one or two insurance carriers
  • Brokers are independent – we typically work alone and service our clients 7 days a week, whatever it takes to get the job done – our work isn’t a “9 to 5”, it’s a lifestyle
  • Brokers are 100% commission based – in a normal sales environment this may be bad for a shopper, but with Medicare, it’s in a Broker’s best interest to service their clients to a much higher standard versus an agent that is on a fixed salary. If I don’t keep my clients happy, they’ll go elsewhere and my income dries up. This is one of the reasons we go out of our way to meet our clients at THEIR convenience, not based on what hours our company expects us to work.

I’m not writing this to bash Agents, there’s a ton of great agents that will take good care of you, unfortunately, their hands are tied when it comes to offering you a broad spectrum of options.

Medicare Insurance San Diego

If you’d like a free Medicare Insurance San Diego analysis,

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