San Diego Medicare Options

San Diego Medicare Options Range From Part C Advantage Plans To Supplement Gap Policies. Which is right for you?

Researching all your San Diego Medicare Options can be a daunting task and after all the junk mail comes the confusion about which plan is right for you. Selecting the right Medicare plan in San Diego shouldn’t be confusing. Here are a few choices you have.

san diego medicare insurance options


Medicare Part A – typically you’ll receive this automatically when you turn 65, whether you’re going to take Medicare or not.  WATCH OUT FOR: if you didn’t pay into Medicare for at least 10 years, you may have to pay for Part A

Medicare Part B – if you’re already taking your Social Security benefits, Part B will be given to you automatically.  If you’re not taking benefits yet, you’ll need to apply by calling your local Social Security office. WATCH OUT FOR: if you enroll after your 65th birth month, your coverage may be delayed, late enrollment penalties for not enrolling, higher costs for high-income earners


Medicare A & B are considered “Original Medicare”, which only covers about 80% of the costs of any services you obtain. You can add to this a Supplement Plan and a Prescription Drug plan.

Supplement Medigap Insurance – sold by insurance carriers, these plans cover what Medicare does not. All plans are standardized, so shop for price. A typical cost for a 65 year old is about $130 to $140 per month for Plan F, which is the most popular and most comprehensive plan available in California. WATCH OUT FOR: high priced plans, plans that don’t cover Part B excess charges

Prescription Drug Part D (PDP) – Original Medicare does NOT cover medications, so you’ll need a Part D drug plan. Currently, the lowest cost plan available in California is less than $20 per month. WATCH OUT FOR:  late enrollment penalties, plans with deductibles


Medicare Part C Advantage Plans – Enrolling in a Part C plan is in lieu of Original Medicare, but is still considered Medicare coverage. Part C plans in San Diego are typically HMO’s, but we do offer several PPO options. Most Plans have a $0 Monthly Premium and include extra perks like dental insurance, transportation, gym membership and vision benefits (varies by plan).  WATCH OUT FOR: Plans with high Max out of Pocket costs, networks that don’t include your primary or specialists

DID YOU KNOW?  About 50% of Medicare eligible seniors enroll into a San Diego Medicare Advantage Plan!

Watch This Great Video Produced By Humana About Medicare Advantage Plans.